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LinkedIn is readying new features and algorithm changes to help users connect with more targeted audiences months or even years after posting their best content, according to a recent interview with company leaders.

This information is revealed in a recent talk published on; LinkedIn executives Tim Jurka and Dan Roth addressed topics relevant to boosting engagement on the platform.

Here are the highlights from the discussion.

Suggested Posts – A Major Algorithm Shift

LinkedIn is developing a new “suggested post” feature to promote relevant content to specific audiences long after it was initially shared.

“Right now, content lives and dies on the newsfeed very quickly,” said Jurka. “We’re trying to collect the sum total of professional knowledge on our platform and make sure it surfaces whenever you need it.”

The suggested posts feature marks one of LinkedIn’s biggest algorithm changes in years. It represents a shift in how social platforms distribute content by keeping old posts alive if they remain relevant.

LinkedIn confirmed the feature is currently being tested on a small percentage of users. However, the executives didn’t specify when it may roll out more widely.

How LinkedIn Will Choose Posts To Suggest

Here’s how suggested posts will work:

  • LinkedIn’s algorithm may identify content as uniquely valuable if you share an insightful post on a niche topic.
  • Then, for months or years after you posted it, your content could appear in the feeds of users who show interest in that subject – even if they don’t already follow you.

The goal is to actively match users with relevant content based on their needs at the moment rather than simply displaying the most recent posts.

Addressing Claims Of Declining Organic Reach

Some content creators say it has become harder to gain reach on LinkedIn since algorithm changes began last year.

LinkedIn says the company’s priority is targeted value over mass reach.

The executives explained that organic reach has always fluctuated on the platform. They maintain that meaningful connections are more important than vanity metrics like views or followers.

Cautions Against Algorithm “Hacks”

LinkedIn cautions users not to trust reports claiming to crack LinkedIn’s algorithm, arguing the signals change constantly.

Instead, Roth says sharing genuinely helpful knowledge is the best strategy.

Takeaways For Marketers

Here are some ways digital marketers can adapt their LinkedIn strategy based on these algorithm changes.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity

With LinkedIn prioritizing “knowledge and advice” content that remains useful over time, marketers should shift focus away from producing a high volume of posts. Instead, concentrate on publishing genuinely unique, high-quality insights that provide value.

Prioritize Niche Communities

Mass reach is less important on today’s LinkedIn. Marketers should engage with niche professional groups and build strong connections with key subsets rather than spraying content across the platform.

Embrace Long-Form Content

Lengthy, in-depth posts are prime targets for LinkedIn’s suggested post and newsletter features. Marketers should experiment with long-form content and series.

Monitor Analytics Closely

Keep a close eye on audience analytics to see what content resonates. Let data guide your strategy rather than following hypothetical “hacks” or best practices.

Test a Mix of Content Formats

LinkedIn now offers more options like newsletters, audio, and live video. Marketers should test and analyze results across multiple formats to see what best engages their audience.

The key is providing genuine value and insight to niche professional communities versus broad, spammy posts. Quality over quantity is now more critical than ever.

Additional Features and Offerings

In addition to the features mentioned, LinkedIn is exploring more ways to integrate newsletters and audio features as they build their content offerings.

The changes illustrate how LinkedIn aims to transition from a social network into a knowledge-sharing platform for professionals. The long-term viability of old content through suggested posts is a big part of that strategy.


How will LinkedIn’s suggested post feature enhance content visibility?

The upcoming suggested post feature on LinkedIn is designed to significantly extend the life and reach of valuable content on the platform. By promoting posts based on relevancy rather than recency, useful insights, and knowledge can remain in circulation for extended periods, potentially allowing them to reach interested users months or even years after they were initially shared. Key advantages include:

  • Better content longevity, as impactful posts may appear in user feeds long after publication.
  • Increased visibility for content creators focusing on niche topics by matching their posts with users demonstrating interest in those areas.
  • A shift from ephemeral content to a repository of enduring professional knowledge, as LinkedIn aims to facilitate lasting connections between content and users’ needs.

What content formats should marketers experiment with on LinkedIn to maximize audience engagement?

As LinkedIn enhances its platform capabilities, marketers have various content formats to explore to maximize audience engagement. These formats include:

  • Long-form, insightful articles and posts that cater to niche professional groups and can take advantage of the suggested post feature.
  • Newsletters that can help maintain ongoing communication with interested followers.
  • Audio and video content, including live broadcasts, to capture the attention of users who prefer more interactive or personal formats.

An experimental approach with these formats and close monitoring of engagement analytics can help marketers find the optimal mix that resonates with their communities.

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