How to Keep Your Email Marketing Strategy Relevant to Millennials

At a time when businesses are reaching their consumers through more channels than ever before, it can be easy to assume your average Millennial is more likely to engage with an Instagram post or a Facebook ad than the humble email.

However, email marketing, when it’s done correctly, still holds sway for brands looking to maintain customer relationships, engage audiences, and make sales. Despite the rise of social media and search engine marketing, email is still a highly effective and popular marketing tool with Millennials.

In fact, 61% of consumers overall enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly, but how can businesses use emails effectively to market to the most tech-savvy group out there—Millennials?

This socially conscious and fast-paced generation requires a set of rules different from those of Generation X and Z. And brands need to take into account that fact if they want their email marketing strategy to engage this important demographic.

Use Google’s recent email feature: AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), initially meant to be a framework to make mobile pages load faster, has now become an opportunity to make email experiences more interactive and actionable than ever before.

By introducing AMP to Gmail, Google now enables its email users to complete tasks directly without needing to leave their inbox: Users are able to RSVP to events, schedule appointments, and fill out questionnaires right from the email message.

Companies like Pinterest and have already caught wind of this revolutionary feature, and many more will likely follow. Because the less time Millennials have to spend following links and switching apps to make a purchase from you or just check out what your brand has to offer, the better for you.

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